Let go of anger

Let Go Of Anger

Anger: It can be defined as the noise of the soul. Anger: It is the unseen irritant of the heart. Anger: The relentless invader of our peace…. The louder it gets the more desperate we become…..

The normal response to a plea to calm down is; “You don’t know how hard my life has been.” And you are right. I don’t. But I have a very clear idea how miserable your future will be unless you deal with your anger. For in the words of our day; “I’ve been there, done that.” And I speak from experience, anger only breeds bitterness, depression and defeat.

If you could x-ray the soul of the vengeful and angry person you would behold the tumor of bitterness, black, menacing, malignant. Anger is carcinoma of the spirit. It’s fatal fibers creep around the edge of the heart and ravage it, driving a wedge between us and happiness. Yesterday you can not alter, but your reaction to yesterday you can. The past you can not change, but your response to your past you can.

God will take your anger, you have only to ask, and then be willing to give it away. Don’t fall for the world’s trap, voiced in that old saying; “People can bury the hatchet; but they never forget where they buried it.” God brings the peace that passes all understanding and can restore silence, tranquility and love in our lives.

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