Five tips for getting organised

Five Tips for Getting Organised

1. Focus on your priorities

There’s no point simplifying your life if you haven’t examined your reasons why. Identify your personal priorities – what’s most important to you. Then use these values as your reference point to keep your life simplifying goals on track. Continually explore the gap between what you value and the reality of your current life. Ultimately, you should be eliminating petty nuisances and clutter that conflict with your priorities.
2. Organise your space

Clear clutter, put systems in place to manage your daily life and have a home for everything. Whether its at home or work if you organise your physical surroundings you’ll feel better prepared for daily life. Life really is less stressful when you are organised. Sure, you will still have a zillion things to do, but at least you will not waste more valuable time searching for items.
3. Plan and prepare

The secret of successful people who lead a balanced life is planning and preparation. Prepare ahead of time wherever possible to increase your efficiency and you will feel more in control. Eliminate the stress inducing non-essential tasks from your daily life. Simplify wherever possible and you will feel a thousand times better for it. By planning and preparing well you will be able to focus on your priorities with better concentration and commitment.
4. Minimise time traps

Don’t let emails, telephones, TV, the internet or constant interruptions rule your life. Track your time so you can identify where you are wasting time. Then plan a realistic schedule that rids you forever of nasty time traps. Use technology to your advantage, but manage it well.

Also, forget prescriptive time management plans, instead experiment with ideas that fit your lifestyle.
5. Create quiet time

In today’s frantic daily rush many of us forget to relax or simply think we can’t spare the time. No matter how busy you think you are, focusing on your self-care can’t be ignored. Admittedly, in the real world, its not viable to write in a journal or do yoga for three hours a day.

Think instead of what you can do to help rejuvenate. Maybe a bubble bath, listening to music, gardening or walking. Choose an activity you enjoy that will allow you to quieten your mind and unwind. Acknowledge how important it is to relax and make it a regular daily habit to replenish your energy levels and help you refocus on your priorities.

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