Poem Helen Steiner Rice – Encouragement

In hours of Discouragement God Is Our Encouragement
By: Helen Steiner Rice

Sometimes we feel uncertain, and unsure of everything,
afraid to make decisions, dreading what the day will bring….
We keep wishing it were possible to dispel all fear and doubt,
and to understand more readily just what life is all about…….
God has given us the answers which too often go unheeded,
but if we search His promises we’ll find everything we need
and seek, to lift our faltering spirits and renew our courage too,
for there is absolutely nothing too much for God to do….
For the Lord is our Salvation and our Strength in every fight we fight.
Our Redeemer, and Protector, our eternal Guiding Light…
He has promised to sustain us, He’s our Refuge from all harms,
and underneath this Refuge are His Everlasting Arms….
So cast your burdens on Him, seek His counsel when distressed,
and go to Him for comfort whenever you’re lonely and oppressed….
For God is our encouragement in trouble and in trials,
and in suffering and in sorrow He will turn our tears to smiles.


  1. Thanx a ton.I had misplaced my book when I thought about Mrs rice’s poems its a ppleasure to read her at times when u r distressed. Wonderful work done by you l

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