Acceptance – Never give up on LOVE

The Song of Solomon, Chapter 8, Verse 7, reminds us, “Many waters cannot quench love; rivers cannot wash it away.” In other words, no matter what happens, love will stand. We often forget this when we are hurt or disappointed by someone we love. We may strike out or say things which we later regret, because under our hurt and anger, there is love. Even when the time comes to end a relationship, under the pain, fear, confusion, there is love.
If you love someone, do not deny it. You can be angry or hurt or even ready to move on, but let the love come through your words and actions. If you are leaving someone, do it with love. Be mindful not to allow shame, guilt, or anger to drown out the love you have shared. If you are being left be someone, stay in love. A departure of the person does not mean the end of love. Like water, love must flow. It changes forms. The tides of love must change. Always remember the way love brought you into a situation, because that same love will get you out of a situation.

The healing flow of love moves through me at all times.

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Faith in the Valley
Iyanla Vanzant

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