Healing reading by Rokelle Lerner – Inner Child


Sometimes in the dark of night, the pain of
unhealed wounds wells up inside me. I resent
the past’s intrusion into my present, so I struggle
against the pain, pushing it deep within, in
the hope that I will bury it once and for all.
Unfortunately, the pain always returns. If the
painful memories come tonight, I will wrap
my arms around my little one within and hold
her close. I will tell her that she is safe with me,
that I understand her hurt as no one else
but God does, that I know she didn’t deserve
the grief she’s suffered. And I will reassure her
that I will be the loving, attentive parent she
never had. I visualize my innocent inner child
cradled in my arms and I let my healing love
flow from my body into hers. For her wounds are
mine, a trust from God on behalf of one
who cannot heal herself.

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