A tribute to my Mother in Law

A tribute to my Mother in Law

Thank you for all you have done for me
And the beautiful son you raised MJ to be

The angels took you home today
Its so hard to find the words I want to say

May you be at peace and shine your light
Like you did for us, Always so bright.

Thank you for giving me your precious boy
He has made my life so full of joy

You taught us both so much about life
Not to be beaten down by strife

Just one small thing I want you to know
Your love shines through him and makes him glow

I will love him till the end of time
Now I will relax and wait for a sign

The angels will always flutter around
and when the feather falls to the ground

I will know you hear us when we pray
Until we meet again one day.

9 March 2014
copyright nj turner

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