Now that you have stopped drinking

Now that you have stopped drinking, your
Main problem is not to start again. Here
Are a few practical tips, based on the
Experience of others, that should help make
This easier for you.
• Eat as much as you can. You will feel less likely to want a drink on a full stomach.
• If you do get a craving for a drink, this may simply be due to the body’s demand for liquid, which is often very strong. So drink plenty – provided it’s not alcohol. Fruit juices with glucose, tea or coffee with plenty of sugar will best satisfy your body’s need for plenty of liquid.
• Alcohol destroyed your limited supply of Vitamin B. Take plenty of vitamin tablets, especially those containing Vitamin B compound. They can be obtained without prescription, are not habit-forming and are quite harmless.
• A feeling of depression can be the result of being physically out of sorts. Keep your system regular.
• Never sit gazing into space with your mind a complete blank. Do something, anything positive.
• (a) Go for a walk; (b) Take a bath; (c) Having a shave; (d) Do a bit of gardening; (e) Clean your shoes; (f) Make a phone call etc, etc. Any of these will break the moody period.
• The phone is your surest link with AA help. Use it anytime. The person you contact may need your call as much as you do. So never hesitate to ring.
• Have a plan for your day. Don’t meddle through. You may not be able to carry it out but do your best.
• Easy does it. Alcoholics tend to try and do too much too quickly.
• First things first. Get your priorities sorted out, remembering always that sobriety takes precedence over everything else.
• Losing your temper is a luxury you can’t afford. Remember it’s even possible the other person could be right, so be tolerant and avoid emotional disturbance.
• There is no problem which a drink will not make bigger, so keep all yours down to their true size by staying sober.
• In times of difficulty when you can’t get the help, the Serenity Prayer said to your God as you understand Him will bring you sufficient confidence to cope. He is always available.

God grant me the Serenity to accept
The things I cannot change,
Courage to change the things I can, and
Wisdom to know the difference.

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