Self Pity (2) by Mitzi Chandler

The world goes up
and the world goes down
and the sunshine follows the rain
and yesterday’s sneer and
yesterday’s frown
can never come over again
Charles Kingsley

The best way to ruin a brand new day is to
stumble towards the kitchen and pour a cup of
yesterday’s bitter coffee. With a little more effort,
we could make a fresh pot, one more worthy of the new day.

There are issues to be dealt with. Working
through these issues is a difficult brew than
sipping on grudges and gulpint down self-pity.
Our new day hardly has a chance when we greet it
in this manner.

We need to pour out what is old and acrid, start
anew and fill our cup with sweet serenity.

This is a new day given to me by my higher power. I will
let go of bitterness and seek serenity.

Mitzi Chandler from Gentle Reminders for co dependents

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