The role of self sufficiency


Success: When AA was first launched, the ideal of the self-made person was often exalted. Certain outstanding individuals seemed to have achieved amazing success entirely by their own efforts. In the drive to be such a self-made person, AA co-founder Bill W, was swept away in a torrent of alcoholic grandeur.
We know today that there’s no such thing as a self made person. We all need each other, and at various times we would have been lost without assistance that was generously and freely given. Everyone has had such assistance at one time or another. We are not, entirely self-sufficient.
The true role of self-sufficiency is to use our talent and opportunities wisely and beneficially in cooperation with others. Our own success in whatever we do will be enhanced as we continue to acknowledge our need for others.
Throughout the day, there will be many times when I need the help of others, and many times when others will need my help. I will give and receive help gratefully.

From: ‘Walk In Dry Places”.

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