A Time for learning


“When the pupil is ready, the teacher will appear.” Life’s lessons often come unexpectedly. They come, nevertheless, and they come according to a time frame that is set by our Higher Power. As we grow emotionally and spiritually, we are readied for further lessons for which teachers will appear.
Perhaps the teacher will be a tragic experience, a loving relationship, or a difficult loss. The time of learning is seldom free from pain and questioning, but from these experiences and what they can teach us, we are ready to learn. As we are ready, they come.
For life has much to teach us, just as we have much to learn. We need to learn patience, for the learning and growing process is usually slow. WE need to learn tolerance, for we are being taught that it is more important to understand than to be understood. We need to learn self-respect, for only when we have learned to love ourselves better can we love others better.
We are learning that there is a right time for all growth, a right time for all experience, and the right time may not fit our timetable. What does not come our way today will come when the time is right. Each day we are granted just what is needed. We need not worry about the future. It will offer us whatever rightly comes next, but it cannot do so until we have experienced those 24 hours before us.

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