A balanced life

A Balanced Life

My life has been balanced
with pleasures and trials,
I’ve had many teardrops
and thousands of smiles.
I’ve soared to the moon
and I’ve plunged to the sand,
My life has been balanced
by God’s loving hand.
I’ve had many friendships
I’ve had a few foes,
In the life of a Christian
that’s the way that it goes.
Should I just accept
only good from God’s hands?
No, I must endure
whatever He plans.
But I can be sure
and you can be, too,
All things work for best
as God deals with you.

~Betty Purser Patten~


  1. Jan Patten Rumberger says:

    I was looking for something on the internet and came across your site. My mom was Betty Patten Purser and her love was writing poetry. It’s nice to see that others enjoyed her writings also. She wrote hundreds of poems and I believe I have the last complete compilation. I’m very glad you posted this 5 years ago so I could remember my mom today, nearly 30 years after her death.

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