To forgive a person in any circumstances costs us nothing. Say that they have defrauded me, injured my reputation, attempted my life; and suppose such an enemy is in my power, what does it cost me to forgive them? Let us see: To reduce them to poverty would make me no richer; to destroy their peace would not restore my own; to hurt them would not heal me; or to cast a blot on their reputation would restore no luster to my name; to take their life would not insure me against the stroke of death; nor lengthen my life by a single hour.
It is a happy memory that remembers kindness and forgets offenses. It is far more noble to conquer one’s passion than to crush a foe; and sweeter than gratified revenge are their feelings who, when their enemy hungers, feed them; when they thirst, give them water. In so do, people exhibit somewhat of the nature, and taste something of the happiness of God.
From; Stepping Stones to Recovery.

To keep a lamp burning we have to keep putting oil in it.
Mother Teresa

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