Positive self affirmations – believing in your ability

I love positive self affirmations and sadly don’t use them often enough. How nice is it to say to yourself, yes you can do that, yes you are talented, creative and smart. If you can’t acknowledge things about yourself that are positive, what message is this sending to your children and loved ones.

I have been trying to find a painter to redecorate our newly professionally plastered walls in one of the bedrooms in our house. I am not having much luck finding someone so today I decided that this will be my new task. I will decorate the room and paint it as well as I can. I love painting, I love being creative and I like a nice house.

I usually never think that I would be capable of doing something like this even if deep down I thought I might be able to. Self doubt would creep in and I would convince myself that I would only make a mess and it would end up costing more to fix my bad decorating.

I will do my best and take my time and paint the room, it may take ages but it will be a lovely project to accomplish.


Be careful how you talk to yourself because you are listening.
Lisa M Hayes

and another one for luck 🙂

I am the only me there is
I am worth the time and effort
and dedication to succeed.

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