Meditation, prayer, yoga & journaling

We all want a better life and some of us don’t know where to start. Retreats are costly and not really practical for people with families. Some of the things we can do ourselves at home are free and easy to do.

Meditation quietens our mind, it gives us a chance to just be silent. It takes practice and like all things that are positive and good for our souls, this is simple to do in your own home. Even 10 minutes a day is enough time. Just find a quiet space and turn off your phone and even disconnect the front doorbell if you need to. Lie down on the bed and feel comfortable. Close your eyes and just relax. It is not a mysterious or mystical practice. It is simply just finding time “just be”. The more you meditate the more you will enjoy it.

Prayer is the easiest of the 4 spiritual practices that can be done anywhere at any time. It can be done in the car, shower, at work, in a sacred building, in bed and it is not necessary to close your eyes and get down on your hands and knees. You can pray anywhere about anything and at any time. Prayer is a wonderful way of connecting to your “God”, “higher self” and connecting to the universe. If you find prayer strange at first or you are not sure what to pray about, simply pray for someone or something that you have heard on the news or read about. There is always someone other than yourself that needs prayer. It is widely known that collective prayers is very powerful. Even praying with your partner can seem very odd at first but it can bring you very close to another person.

Yoga is a beautiful way to connect with the universe and stretch your body. It is strongly practiced for reducing stress and relaxing your body. It has been around for a long time in the East but it has not been popular for that long in the west. It has gained popularity and is a wonderful way to work out your body in a positive way. It is popular with all ages and all genders enjoy yoga.

Journaling has so many benefits for improving our lives. There is something so powerful about writing things down and then going back to look at the later. If you journal about your feelings you can easily see a pattern emerging and it is a good way to see how you can improve your life. When we write down how we feel it is more powerful and honest than when we just say it to ourselves. When you read back how you felt about something after a couple of days, it can reveal emotions that you didn’t realise were present. This is particularly true when we are upset or angry with someone. After time has passed and we refer back to what we have written about the person, we can feel silly or surprised we wrote what we did. This is also true about how we journal about work or other topics. This may show us just how unhappy with something we are feeling, it may highlight that a change in a career is likely to be a good idea. It is handy to jot down feelings and journal as often as possible.

So next time you feel your life is not how you want it to be, try one or all 4 of these spiritual practices in the comfort of your own home. You are guaranteed to feel better.

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