Cath Kidston colouring book (review by niki turner)

I bought this book for my son’s girlfriend as a birthday gift and we sat on Sunday and both coloured in a page from the book which was really nice. The book is amazing and so true to the whole Cath Kidston theme. The familiar patterns are displayed in the front of the book in full colour so they serve as a guide when you are thinking of what colours to use on the pages. Some of the themes include Chelsea flowers, London buses, circle ditsy, shooting stars, lace stripes, chicken, planes, Aubrey rose, royal rose, London, fire engines, outer space, garden birds and many more.

The paper is thicker than regular photocopy paper and my guess would be it is around 160gsm (possibly thicker). It is white with black printing on the pages. The pages are not framed. The pages are also not perforated so you would need to be careful removing the page you colour in from the book. I use alcohol ink pens and I put a piece of cardboard under the picture that I am colouring as it will bleed through to the other side. The pages all have printing on both sides so this book would be more suitable with colouring pencils instead of alcohol marker pens.

Some of the designs stretch over both the left side and right side of the book and are the same pattern while others have the same theme but are slightly different on the left than on the right.

I really like this book and have bought myself one too. For anyone who enjoys colouring and likes Cath Kidston style then this is a must. It makes a great gift and the book has a cover with a fold on the front and back that could be used to keep your place in the book – like a book marker.

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