World of Cats: Adult Coloring Book by by Cindy Elsharouni (reviewed by Niki Turner)

I bought this book because I like the unusual style of the author of this colouring book. It is quirky and unique and the cats are all different breeds. The pages are white and printed in black. The pages are not perforated so you would need to be cautious tearing the pages out of the book. There is not border frame around the pictures. Each picture is on the right hand side of the book so the left is blank, this is suitable for using alcohol ink pens as the picture does not have another one directly behind it, although alcohol ink pens will mean that the ink runs through and you would need to put a piece of cardboard behind the picture you are colouring in if you use alcohol ink pens. If you use colouring pencils this will not be necessary.

There are over 40 different designs, all lovely and as nice as each other. Some have more than one image of a cat and some show the cat with flowers, a mouse, fish, bird, butterfly and patterned designs on the cat/kitten. They are fun and all very different with no pages looking similar.

I really like the style and the variety offered in this book and look forward to other books by the same author as I am sure they will be to my taste. If you like cats then the choice in this book would be pleasing to most people.

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