A Course in Miracles Made Easy by Alan Cohen (ACIM) – review by Niki Turner

I am chuffed with this book. I have struggled with parts of the original thick books. I have the regular ACIM book as well as the teachers guide and the workbook neatly on the top of my bookshelf where they collect dust for most of the year until I have the urge to read a few pages and give up as I get so confused by the style of writing. I originally bought the ACIM book in 2002 and I have taking it with me from South Africa to Ireland and now England.

This book really is simple to follow and after reading it twice (I bought the kindle copy), I have now gone back to my other ACIM copies and it is starting to make more sense. Sometimes the simplicity of the book makes me wonder why I don’t always “grasp” the messages. I guess the more I dedicate time to reading and re-reading then it has begun to make more sense. The main message for me is “I am love”, that popped out at me and makes me feel sad that I never feel loving enough to myself. It seems so much easier to love everyone else. From reading this “made easy” book I also got the strong message about how fearful I am on any regular given day. I never thought I was a particularly fearful person but once I checked my thoughts throughout the day it became alarming just how many things I put off due to fear, even slight and tiny fear it is still fear. From reading this book I need to realise that fear is man made and has no room in my life. There is nothing to fear. I love the part in the book that explains when we come into this world we are without fear and when we realise that we need to return to that place with no fear, to get there we need to unlearn everything that we have been taught up until now. That sounds drastic but when I think about how much fear has been taught to me from a very young age by others, it is no wonder I find it difficult to shake fear off. I have become surrounded by media, people, situations and everything that instil fear in us.

One day at a time and I will continue to read this book and re-read the pages. It is a great book to sit in bed and read just before going to bed. It is quite therapeutic and relaxing.

I would recommend this book to anyone who has struggled with the original ACIM book, this will definitely help to understand it better.

You can also see my review on Amazon.

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