Book review – The things you see only when you slow down

My husband recommended this book to me after reading an article in the Guardian Newspaper about how successful and highly rated this book has been and he knows how much I enjoy books of this kind.

I bought the kindle version and also the narration addition. This is the first time I have tried out the narration option and it is wonderful. I can listen to this while meditating or just being calm and enjoying listening to it. I found it to be easy to understand, very insightful and calming.

I like the style of writing and the book is packed full of inspiration, wise words, common sense and described as Ancient Buddhist philosophy for the modern age. There are lots of shared insightful practised solutions. This is a great book to have handy for when you are having difficulty and wanting an answer to some common problems we all face. I think in this fast paced world we all need to slow down and sometimes life is just so fast and hectic we miss all the good things. The simple things in life can be easily overlooked and it is a shame.

I will dip in and out of this book as I love each and every page. It can be read as a book or you could easily select random parts of the book and focus on that part only.

Like other books that focus on spirituality and wellness, this book mentions the importance of having a good relationship with others as well as loving ourselves and being kind to ourselves as well as others. It is a truly special book and when the printed versions become available I will buy a copy for my daughter and son as this is one book that I feel they could benefit from and enjoy.

I would highly recommend this book.


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The things you see only when you slow down by Haemin Sunim

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