As the mist cleared

As the mist cleared

One very dark and misty night, much to my surprise,
A single bird flew the whole way home with me, right before my eyes.

The path you travel in recovery can be a lonely road,
Sharing and caring, can help ease the heavy load.

Hearts chained up, filled with pain, bitterness and regret,
Lead many individuals to engage in harmful neglect and disrespect.

Plagued by guilt and remorse, for things you have done?
Focus instead on the marvels of nature, like the moon, stars and sun.

Instead of worry and negative self-talk or too much time spent alone,
Opt instead to share your worries by picking up the phone.

As recommended by those “in the know”,
Take it one day at a time, take it really nice and slow.

By sharing your life story and being brutally honest too,
Your family reap the many rewards that were promised to them, by you.
Choking back the tears or with a voice that shakes
Is better than the old string of lies or stories that were fake.

Listening to other people speaking can help you learn a lot
It is not about their stories’ content but identifying how they too, had likely lost the plot.
Many have been there, done the same things you did too
You learn to give back to others knowledge that was passed on to you.

Mentoring and sponsoring are beneficial to those who make it a choice,
For many, many people, it is where they eventually find their voice.

Growing in confidence and finding you have a stronger will,
You begin to recognise the benefits of creativity,
Such as learning a brand-new skill.

See the beauty in all things, both the bright and the dark,
They are often really not that far apart.

The art of visualisation can heal the heart from the past,
Meditation and yoga create positivity that will last.

Looking back in anger at the things you used to do
Can only lead to regret, negativity and unhappiness too.

Selfishness and self-love are not the same at all,
Self-love is part of this journey and breaking down those walls.

No matter what you have been through, no matter what you’ve seen,
Your thoughts and prayers should focus on remaining completely clean.

Let love and understanding guide your inner voice today,
Let those around you always know you are listening to what they have to say.

Life is too short to focus all your energy on the past,
Move on to new exciting things and make memories that will last.

Trust in the God of your understanding, whomever they may be,
That is the first step on your journey called “self-discovery.”

niki turner ©

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