Book review – Addiction in the Family by Louise Stanger

I have read and collected so many books on addiction since my own recovery from Alcohol Addiction 20th May 2004 that I have lost count and rarely has a book been published that I have not already read.

I started out reading (of course) the Alcoholics Anonymous Big Book and then went on to read loads of AA literature but then I started reading other books relating to recovery, Self Help, Spirituality and so on. I started reading Louis L Hay and swiftly moved on to Iyanla van Zant, Doreen Virtue, Wayne Dyer and loads more. Over the the past 16+ years I have also enjoyed books on Buddhism, Sufism, Taoism and for the past 5 or so years mainly read books by Osho. When I was offered a Advanced Reading Copy for review purposes of a few books I automatically picked out this one “Addiction in the Family by Louise Stanger” somehow she has gone under my radar which is a surprise as she seems so famous in the USA and beyond. I have read this book now but noticed that it is not yet available to purchase so I will be cautious about not saying too much but just give you a brief insight into what you can expect to enjoy if you choose to buy this book. For starters, I thought, wow what a brilliant comprehensive book that would be great for someone new to recovery or someone studying addiction. It really has EVERYTHING in this book and it is almost like it has been so carefully written that the author has made sure she has covered every possible question that someone would have that comes into recovery as well as anyone who has been in recovery for a long time. She has references to quotes and sayings that I have never heard of but will now be printing out and putting up on my fridge to remind me. I will research Louise Stanger on YouTube as I am sure she will have some videos up on there. Of all the many many many many books on recovery I have read, this seems to be very special and one of those rare books you get excited about and want to keep reading bits and pieces of it again and again. I am very pleased to have received this Review Copy of this book and look forward to adding to this post again over time and once the book is published, I will link my actual review (linked to amazon) to this post.

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