Book review – Be Amazing – Sir Chris Hoy

Recently I have reviewed more books than usual as I have found I have a lot more time on my hands than I normally would have. Amongst the many brilliant books were two that stood out for me more than the others. One was by Sir Chris Hoy called Be Amazing and the other was “Addiction in the Family” by Louise Stanger, I honestly cannot recommend both of these books enough. However, I will just mention this book in this post. BE AMAZING by Christ Hoy is a guide for children but can be used by anyone of any age as a guide to achieving their goal, whatever that may be. Personally I have been using this book as inspiration for my never ending quest to loose weight and keep it off but also to help me to be more focused and disciplined in trying to eat better and be healthier in general. The book has so much to offer everyone and was not at all what I was expecting when I first started reading it. I found him (Chris Hoy) to be very humble and honest and the book makes me believer that the reason he wrote it was of course to help everyone achieve their full potential and believe in their dreams but also for his children Chloe and Callum who he dedicated the book to. It is touching that he has documented parts of his determination at all costs to succeed and with regard to financially issues, he did not let that stop him but with the help of his father he made it possible and was proactive in finding funding. Funding can always be a block to achieving your goal especially if it is in a sport but he makes you realise that you can achieve anything regardless of age, gender or anything really, as long as you are passionate (first and foremost) then really the world is your oyster. I received a free copy as I do part time reviewing for a few publishers but I am going to buy 3 copies for people that I love and care about and want them to enjoy the benefits of this book. It is not just for children but for everyone to enjoy. I am not parting with my copy as I will refer to it from time to time.

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