quote for the 11th september 2018

dividing your time
on a busy day,
can be challenging.

make sure your schedule
includes “me time”.
niki turner ©

quote for 10th september 2018

constant negativity
can take its toll
and wear you down.

it is like a
dark cloud following
you around and
it is contagious.

practice positivity
every day.

quote for 9th september 2018

don’t allow fear
to grip you.

do the things you
need to do.

once they are done,
you will sigh with relief
and realise that
it wasn’t that bad.

until the next time 🙂


quote for 8th september 2018

don’t “loose yourself”
while helping others
“find themselves”.

be mindful to do
the things you love
and enjoy.

you are worth it!

quote for 7th september 2018

when you fail to take
responsibility for your
health and wellbeing,
it is unfair to yourself
and others around you.

everyone has a duty
of self-care
and when necessary
seek outside help.

quote for 6th september 2018

when you realise
you are your own best friend,
life is more relaxing.
you learn patience
and self-respect.
life, in general, becomes
much more pleasant.

quote for 5th september 2018

well-meaning people
like to give advice,
but you know yourself best.
be honest
but, above all,
trust your own judgement.
niki turner©

quote for 4th september 2018

sometimes, in order
to feel better,
all you need do
is sit quietly and
enjoy the stillness
and freedom
of solitude.

quote for 3rd september 2018

be gentle with yourself
as well as soft and kind.

don’t judge yourself harshly
or have unkind thoughts.

never treat yourself
with less than
100% kindness,
every single day.

quote for 2nd september 2018

if what you say
to another person
was overheard
by another,
and caused you
then that is proof
it should not be spoken
at all.

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