quote for the 31st december 2018

change is important
if you want to move ahead.
there is no time like the
present to begin.

whether it is emotional
or physical change,
change becomes inevitable
to move upward
and onward
creating a better life
for yourself,
one day at a time.

quote for 30th december 2018

relax and reflect.
reflect on what you would
like to achieve in the future,
pat yourself on the back
for what you have already
accomplished so far.

time spent reflecting
helps you to see where
you are at any given time.
accept that where you are right now
is exactly where you are meant to be.

quote for 29th december 2018

going through difficulties
can prove to be an invaluable
source in teaching you about
tolerance and patience.
it helps build
inner strength and courage.

quote for the 28th december 2018

there are plenty of situations
you cannot control
but equally there are plenty you can.

start simply by showing up to life.
use all the opportunities
that come your way.
work hard and be fair.
take care of yourself,
value yourself,
be conscientious,
be kind-hearted .

quote for 27th december 2018

when you feel angry,
it is often not for the reason
you think.

you may be holding on to
a past resentment, pain,
disappointment, hurt
or an old unresolved

identify the root cause,
forgive that situation
and forgive yourself,
allowing you to move on.

quote for 26th december 2018

much like missing an
optician appointment,
your life can be like blurred vision
when you wallow in dysfunction.

recognise what does not
sit right with you
and make an appointment with
change the situation
allowing yourself
to once again see clearly.

quote for 25th december 2018

don’t let modern prejudices
stop you from achieving
your goals.

accept there are people
who are lacking in knowledge
and tolerance,
who judge others
based on their own
limited understanding.

don’t let them fool you
into believing you
cannot reach the sky.

quote for 24th december 2018

everyone becomes influenced
by what they watch, see or read.
this reflects into
your personality.

be wise and careful
how you spend
your time and mindful
of what you allow into your
it affects all parts of your life.

quote for 23rd december 2018

be patient, tolerant
and compassionate
with yourself.
rest when you are tired.
learn to say no when
you don’t want to do something.

take time to do the things you
want to do.
always be good to yourself.

quote for 22nd december 2018

crying when hurt or sad
is a form of cleansing
your emotions.
it helps you get rid
of what is not
serving you any longer.

wipe away the tears
and make space for
tears of happiness
and laughter.