quote for 16th march 2018

giving up on your dream
should not be an option.
just because you haven’t achieved it yet
does not mean that it is not achievable.

get serious.
be more determined and be patient.
most of all believe in yourself
and your ability.

it is easy to give up on a dream
but the dream won’t go away.

it is amazing what you can achieve when
you give yourself more time
and take it slowly.
niki turner ©

quote for 15th march 2018

your body sometimes tries to
send you messages.

this can manifest itself
in different ways.
it can be in the form of a headache,
or other times it may be when you become ill.

this can be seen as a message to slow down
and take better care of yourself.
make sure you get lots of rest and
take it easy.

niki turner ©

quote for 14th march 2018

it is time to shine like the star,
the star that you are.

connect to your inner voice,
spread your wings and
fly to new personal highs.

let your dreams reach the sky
while your mind spins
with all the positivity you can muster.

allow your wonderful dreams
to become your reality.
get excited about the future –
it has many happy things in store
for you.
niki turner ©

quote for 13th march 2018

it is never okay to allow someone’s
negative behaviour to impact your life.

the individual who spread their negativity
is oblivious to the fact that it is an
unwelcome guest that has shown up

keep gratitude, appreciation,
contentment and
positivity the order of the day.

niki turner ©

quote for 12th march 2018

learning to laugh at yourself
is a humbling experience
and a very precious gift.

niki turner ©

quote for 11th march 2018

good fortune is often not realised
until long after the fact.

it is not always obvious
what a full and rich life you have lived.

reflecting back on the past
usually brings up the bad memories
but there are always happy ones too.

remember the past as it was,
both good and bad,
but always strive
to live in the present moment.

niki turner ©

quote for 10th march 2018

when you get lost in thought
and your mind wanders off to un-happier times,
stop! stop what you are doing.

visualise loading those unproductive
thoughts onto a cloud.
watch them drift away and
eventually disappear into the distance.

with enough practice and perseverance
those unhappy thoughts
become a distant memory,
and each time they get
further and further apart.

happier times are never too far away.

quote for 8th march 2018

society can be a better place
if everyone contributed in some way.
instead of seeing the world’s problems
as belonging to someone else
why not contribute your
ideas, time, services
or money
to build
a better
for all.

niki turner ©

quote for 7th march 2018

when you don’t let go of resentment
about someone else’s behaviour,
you are volunteering yourself as a victim.

to relive over and over again the hurt
and disappointment you feel
is a form of self-punishment and self-sabotage.

open yourself up to a whole new way of thinking.
find peace in stillness.
let it go.

niki turner ©

quote for 6th march 2018

slow and steady wins the race,
there is no need for hastiness.
with persistence and constant effort
in the right direction,
you can achieve what you set out to do.

niki turner ©