quote for 14th january 2018

when you decide to change your life
and make major self improvements,

there are important thing you need to remember!

it is not for the faint hearted!

it takes a lot of work and planning,
dedication and commitment,
lots of sacrifices and willpower.
but most of all
realising that you,
together with your
God/ higher power /or higher self
can achieve absolutely anything.

you are worth it !

niki turner ©

quote for 13th january 2018

when everyone’s opinion
seems to differ from yours,
relax and be willing to learn.

“take the cotton wool out of your ears
and place it in your mouth”.
quietly observe.
it is a liberating feeling
to know
that you don’t have to have all the answers.
be open-minded.
listen to people that may have more
experience and knowledge.
by humble
be honest
trust yourself.

niki turner©

quote for 12th january 2018

silence your inner critic!
do not let your negative
“self chat” get the better of you.
it is unproductive and could
lead you on a path of self pity,
self sabotage and self destruction
which feeds anxiety and depression.

begin by replacing your “self talk”
with positive self affirmations,
make a daily gratitude list
and replace self pity with self love
practice being your own muse!

niki turner ©

quote for 11th january 2018

much sadness
as well as suffering
when you focus
on the past.

practice living in the
present moment.
enjoy all the beauty
around you and within you.

this is where you will discover
your true happiness resides.

awake each morning
and realise
today is a new beginning.

niki turner ©

quote for 9th january 2018

unlike the nursery rhyme
“sticks & stones”,
words CAN and DO
harm you!

be careful with your words,
to yourself and to others

think and pause

expressing your opinion
either spoken, written, facial
or by your body language.


quote for 10th january 2018

your goal may seem
too difficult to reach
if you take baby steps,
slowly and steadily
one step at a time
even tiny steps
believe you can achieve
this habit
far away dream
a reality
repetition confirms habit!

nikiturner ©

quote for 7th january 2018

your intuition is a voiceless,
untapped super power
known as “gut feeling”

trust that
your inner voice
will guide you

learn to
trust yourself

you are stronger
than you realise.


quote for 6th january 2018

self love
is not selfish
self love
is self care.
treat yourself
with respect
while being kind,
soft and gentle
to your own needs.


quote for 8 january 2018

tireless people pleasing
and wanting to be liked by all,
compromises your own happiness
and robs you of precious time.

It is both dishonest and exhausting.

accept that not everyone will like you
and put the focus back on
making yourself happy.


quote for the 4th january 2018

you are unique and beautiful just as you are!
there is no need to seek approval from anyone.
decorate your own soul
accept yourself
love yourself
you are everything you need
you are love.