quote for 26th october 2018

being constantly late
sets a bad impression.
it may cause people to
see you as unreliable,
disorganised and disinterested.

there are many reasons
why people fall into this trap.
it is often a lack of regard,
a lack of time,
a lack of care,
but most of all
it is a lack of consideration.
niki turner ©

quote for 25th october 2018

when you start to grow spiritually,
you understand
as well as accept
the importance of being
to everyone around you.
you accept their views,
show them more patience
and become happier,
just as you are.
niki turner ©

quote for 24th october 2018

when you speak to someone in
a patronizing manner,
this implies you think of
them as stupid
and unimportant.

this reflects badly on you,
believing yourself
to be superior.

practice being
humble, kind and
niki turner ©

quote for 23rd october 2018

when you feel compelled
to constantly correct or
contradict others,
remember that it is both
rude and annoying.

some people may even say
it is controlling!

think before you correct
and let others learn
from their mistakes.
niki turner ©

quote for 22nd october 2018

the things you don’t say
can be much more powerful
than those you do say.

there is much wisdom in
remaining silent.
niki turner ©

quote for 21st october 2018

when you experience
a loss of any kind
it can be hard
to comprehend the
reasons why.

there are times
you need to lose something
in order to gain
something else.

be patient…
and in time you will know why!
niki turner ©

quote for 19th october 2018

healing begins
where blame ends.

be responsible for yourself.

feel powerful and
niki turner ©

quote for 18th october 2018

when you suppress your emotions
they become trapped and buried
only to resurface
when you least expect
or want them to.
niki turner ©

quote for 17th october 2018

it is often in your darkest times
that your true light shines,
opening up new ways
to surprise yourself
and reveal your strengths.
niki turner ©

quote for 16th october 1018

it is a great shame
to lose your present
to your past.

move beyond where you were
and focus on
where you are going.
live in the moment.
niki turner ©