quote for 20th september 2018

if someone calls you
a “perfectionist”
it is not a compliment.
it is, in fact an insult
and not aligned with
a spiritual lifestyle.
niki turner ©

quote for 19th september 2018

habits are behaviours
repeated over and over

being negative is a habit
but it is easy to remedy.

make positivity
your habit of choice.
niki turner ©

quote for 18th september 2018

you can tell
a lot about someone
both by the way they treat
others and by the way
they treat themselves.
niki turner ©

quote for 16th september 2018

when your loved ones
feel overwhelmed
and emotional,
showing calmness
and serenity
is more beneficial
than adding to
their chaos and
niki turner ©

quote for 15th september 2018

your outlook on the world
will determine how you view
most things.
your views and attitudes
make your life what it is.

so, be mindful
and openminded,
while viewing things
in a positive light.
niki turner ©

quote for 14th september 2018

angry, verbally abusive
and argumentative
people have more
going on in their lives
than others realise.

the best medicine for
dealing with them is
showering them with
and wherever possible
staying out of their way.
niki turner ©

quote for 13th september 2018

it is difficult not to be
affected by and worried
about other people’s
problems and needs.

stay focused
on your own life.

too much time
spent on others
may mean you are
neglecting your own
niki turner ©

quote for 12th september 2018

as a child growing up,
parents and other adults
lovingly repeat useful sayings
that you may not have
wanted to hear at the time.

when you get older
they take on more meaning
and you are at last
thankful to know them.
niki turner ©

quote for the 11th september 2018

dividing your time
on a busy day,
can be challenging.

make sure your schedule
includes “me time”.
niki turner ©

quote for 10th september 2018

constant negativity
can take its toll
and wear you down.

it is like a
dark cloud following
you around and
it is contagious.

practice positivity
every day.