quote for 21st december 2018

the more self-pity you feel,
the more self-defeated you become.
self-pity is a form of negativity.

replace self-pity with self-love
and reassurance that you
can get through anything
life throws your way.

you are strong.

quote for 20th december 2018

you are a miracle,
just like everyone else.

quote for 19th december 2018

be aware of the dangers
of unhealthy relationships.

don’t get so caught up
that you lose sight of who you really are.
eventually you won’t recognise your own
likes and dislikes in life.

losing part of yourself
and your identity comes hand in hand
with unhealthy and controlling

quote for 17th december 2018

friendship is about give and take.
it should be about listening
to one another,
as well as
offloading your troubles
from time to time.

this is best done in
equal measures.

quote for 16th december 2018

when loved ones ask you
to give them advice,
you may be tempted to give it,
but it is far better
to steer and direct them softly
to make their own judgements
and decisions.

let them learn by
thinking for themselves,
solving their own problems.

when they don’t ask for advice
make sure you never volunteer

quote for 15th december 2018

many people would love
to save the world
and make a difference.

kindness, gentleness,
caring, sharing and loving
each other is where you
can begin.

you don’t have to save the
whole world,
but small steps
by many people,
can help to raise
the vibrations
of world peace.

quote for 14th december 2018

you embrace change
by recognising and
identifying the parts
of your character
you are less happy with and
would like to change.

change occurs
when the healing begins,
letting more light into
your life.

quote for 13th december 2018

when you are relaxed
and your mind is quiet,
that is when true inspiration
sneaks in.

creative thoughts often come
at odd times.

quote for 12th december 2018

personal growth should
not stop when you have
children, look after a parent,
change jobs, or
for any other reason.

personal growth is
an ongoing process.
nothing else should take

quote for 11th december 2018

anger is an emotion
that teaches you how you feel.

how you react to anger
is important.
don’t lash out too quickly
as you may regret it.
instead choose a safe
environment and
express it there.