quote for 5th march 2018

attract happiness into your life.
act “as if ” you have already succeeded.
some people may interpret it as
“faking it until you make it”.

the more you practice positive outcomes,
the more likely it will be for
these things to manifest in your life.

it is not being dishonest
but rather forcing yourself out of negative thinking
and making you a positive force to be reckoned with.

niki turner ©

quote for 4th march 2018

“creative activities”
are therapy for the mind.
their importance should never be undervalued.
experiment with different mediums and colours,
different genres of music or musical instruments,
sports, hobbies, the list is endless.
invest in your “creative” self.
colour your world.

niki turner ©

quote for 3rd march 2018

your feelings are reflections of your thoughts.
don’t judge yourself too harshly
for the way you feel.
it is okay to be confused,
angry, hurt or disappointed.

there may be times when you struggle to know
exactly how you are feeling,
practice engaging with your feelings
and the more you “feel your feelings”
the easier it becomes to make
wiser choices.

niki turner ©

quote for 2nd march 2018

it is never advisable to give advice to anyone,
especially when they haven’t asked you for it.
instead give suggestions
and then let them make their own mind up.

niki turner ©

quote for 1st march 2018

when your mood suddenly changes
and you start feeling “out of sorts”
remember to
check that you are not feeling
Hungry, Angry, Lonely or Tired.

niki turner ©

quote for 28th february 2018

when you put anyone on a pedestal
what you are actually doing is
judging them as well as yourself.
no one is better than you,
no one is less important than you.
regardless of fame,
fortune or status in life.

admire but don’t idolise.
everyone is prone to making mistakes,
some more than others.
by treating everyone equally,
you avoid disappointment and unrealistic
expectations of others as well as yourself.

niki turner ©

quote for 27th february 2018

memorising useful acronyms
become helpful
tools in your quest
for self-improvement
and spiritual growth.
Face everything and rise
False evidence appearing real

niki turner ©

quote for 26th february 2018

when your life begins to fill with drama and chaos
and you really don’t know how or why,
it may be time to take stock of things
and ask yourself a few questions.

did you invite this into your life?
did you become complacent?
did you allow old habits to slowly creep back in?

when you sit quietly and truthfully answer yourself,
it is amazing how the answers materialise
and you can begin to find
your serenity once again.

niki turner ©

quote for 25th february 2018

when you only think in terms of
“all or nothing”
and are inflexible in your views,
it is likely that you are going to upset yourself
as well as others.

begin by practicing being more accommodating
and not seeing things in black and white.
add a spice of colour to your outlook
and you will begin to take
a more rounded view
of life.

niki turner ©

quote for 24th february 2018

everyone has the right to their own opinion.
often those opinions will not be in line with your own.
others don’t have to share your opinion
as they are your experiences based on your life.

let others have their opinions
based on their life experiences.

live and let live.

niki turner ©