quote for 10th june 2018

spending quality time
in your own company
is healthy and rewarding.

too much time alone
can lead to isolation.

strike a balance
between solitude and
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quote for 9th june 2018

when there are goals
you want to achieve
but there are obstacles
in your way,
work with what you have!

when change is inevitable
but you don’t have the resources,
work with what you have!
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quote for 8th june 2018

is the handbrake
that stops us enjoying life!
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quote for 6th june 2018

question everything!
have an inquisitive mind!

there is no need to settle
for what others say is fact.

question everything!
make up
your own mind.
niki turner ©

quote for 5th June 2018

day dreamers, wishful thinkers
and optimists amongst us

as important as that is,
it needs to be coupled with
a backbone
and sheer determination.
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quote for 4th june 2018

evades no one!

true resilience
is rising above
your suffering
whilst growing
your self-esteem.
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quote for 3rd june 2018

you are blessed
in more ways than you realise.

you can go further
than your natural ability.

you have the strength
to soar higher and higher.

believe in yourself.
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quote for 2nd june 2018

when you believe
you are superior to others,
what you are doing is
stroking your ego.

you are not more or less
than anyone else.
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quote for 1st June 2018

it is when you are faced
with challenges
and uncertainty that
you can best gauge
your spiritual growth.
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quote for 31st May 2018

don’t surrender to misfortune.
instead, be fearless and
find a way to change
the situation.

you can achieve anything
with the right amount
of self-belief.
niki turner ©