quote for 2nd october 2018

be pliable, flexible and
undeterred by what others
think you cannot achieve.

you can amaze yourself
when you listen to yourself
and make that decision
that you can do anything
you set your mind to.
you are pliable,
and unfazed.
you are amazing
just the way you are.
niki turner ©

quote for 1st october 2018

don’t allow hardships from your past
to be the crutch you lean on.
wipe away the difficulties
that are no longer
part of your life.
they do not define you today.
niki turner ©

quote for 30th september 2018

when all else fails
revert to common sense.
don’t overcomplicate your life,
all the answers are within.
niki turner ©

quote for 29th september 2018

not everything is within
your control
but there are many things
that are.
with focus and determination
change is inevitable
and within your grasp.
niki turner ©

quote for 28th september 2018

time is precious,
make each day count.

time spent productively
is priceless.
niki turner ©

quote for 27th september 2018

learning to remain calm
when you voice your disagreement
is a great gift.

when you disagree with someone
it does not have to make you
become disagreeable.
niki turner ©

quote for 25th september 2018

courage is changing
the things you know
in your heart are no longer
serving you well
and replacing them with
niki turner ©

quote for 24th september 2018

determination and willpower
are not enough.
with the help of a
“power greater than yourself”
miracles can and do occur.
niki turner ©

quote for 23rd september 2018

celebrate your life
exactly as it is.
don’t think it should
be any other way.

if there are changes
you want to make,
make them
but be content with
what you have,
where you are,
niki turner ©

quote for 22nd september 2018

think of yourself
as a blank canvas.
you can create
anything you want.
be who you want to be.
if it goes wrong, erase
and start again.
don’t let anyone dictate who
they think you should be.
niki turner ©