quote for the 5th january 2018

you do not need to look elsewhere
to find your happiness
your happiness is not in the place
wher you think you may have lost it
nor is it
a magical distant
unobtainable dream.
all the happiness
in the world
resides within you.


quote for 2nd january 2018

you may find it more pleasurable
to give to others than to receive,
but there is a great satisfaction
in realising
that you too
deserve the same,
as you give to others.


quote for 1 january 2018

each and every day
has the potential to be amazing
starting from today
you can change old patterns
and belief systems
and make fresh new ones
with just a little willingness
and an altered attitude.


quote for the 3rd january 2018 – Your Words

your outward behaviour should match your inner thoughts,
both to others as well as to yourself.
everything you say and do
is a reflection of what is in your soul.
niki turner