Self Care Daily Recovery Reading

“If I am not for myself, who will be?” -The Talmud

In recovery we can begin to care for ourselves again. Begin to look after our own best interest, speak up on our own behalf, stand up and be counted.

Until we reach that point in healing, there are things we can do to encourage the emergence of our authentic child. When the old negative tapes start to whirl in our heads, we can drown them out with positive affirmations. We can begin to as “as if” we already believe in our self worth. And we can accept the genuine love and support of others who have traveled this same journey of rediscovery.

I am a worthy human being created by the hands of a Higher Power. I have a right and an obligation to be all that I can be.

*from the book, “Gentle Reminders – Daily Affirmations of CoDependents” by Mitzi Chandler. copyright 1989